Invaders, 2015 -

The Invaders series explores the ongoing development of the biotechnological world.  Using a variety of traditional printing techniques such as stamping, screen printing, and plotting we use engineered bacteria as inks to create various images.  The emoji space invaders image, which biologists not only use as a symbol to text each other about bacteria, is representative of where synthetic biology is in its development of programming life.  While the bacteria are designed to be controlled to produce inks and stay in their patterns, they often evolve and grow beyond their initial plan and become collaborators in the artworks themselves.

The series was featured by the The Creators Project, A Synthetic Biologist's Beautiful Palette of Bacteria Art.

Image 1:  Ceramic tiles of clay and other bacteria.  Collaboration with Kimi Kim.  Augmented Reality (AR) timelapses of bacteria growth are activated when phone is used.  This was shown at the Da Vinci Creative Festival (Seoul, Korea).  

Image 1 and 2
Photo Credit: Waterfall Mansion Gallery