microuniverse and timelapse.jpg

Microbial Rainbow #1

Microbial Rainbow #1 is an evolution of the original Microuniverse series that shows the astounding diversity of patterns obtained from bacteria collected from around the world. This piece consists of tiled prints along with a central 3-D glass piece with circular screen playing a time-lapse video of bacteria. The specific bacteria chosen for the central time-lapse is Proteus Mirabilis, a distinctive bacteria that lives in the environment around us. It lives harmlessly in our bodies as a result, but at certain times, can cause infections in some people. P. Mirabilis forms an extraordinarily unique and characteristic ‘bullseye’ pattern, growing in concentric circles from a single drop placed on a Petri dish. This concentric rainbow circle pattern encased in glass is meant to draw viewers towards the central element of the work. The other bacteria presented have an array of amazing and similar stories, each with characteristic patterns formed that define the microbes unique signature.